All those who are interested in well being of deserving students can become a sponsor or a donor.


Sponsorship is an ideal form of Students Support Program. It means that a generous person takes responsibility to cover educational expenses of a deserving student during his/her specific course of study i.e. Intermediate, Graduation, MBBS, B.Sc Engg, MBA etc. A sponsor can select a deserving student of his/her choice amongst available scholars/applicants. Alfalah office will provide the details of such student, his/her educational expenses. Mode of payment is decided between sponsor and Alfalah by mutual understanding. A sponsor will be regularly informed about the performance of the student/students he is sponsoring so that a positive relationship is developed between a sponsor and sponsored students.


Donor is the one who wants to support brilliant and needy students but hesitates to take full responsibility. He/She can donate whatever money he/she can spare for this noble cause and enlist his/her name with Alfalah office. ALFALAH SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME will keep him/her informed about Alfalah’s activities, annual progress and financial reports.


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