All those who are interested in well-being of deserving students can become a sponsor or a donor.


Sponsorship is an ideal form of Students Support Program. It means that a generous person takes responsibility to cover educational expenses of a deserving student during his/her specific course of study i.e. Intermediate, Graduation, MBBS, B.Sc Engg, MBA etc. A sponsor can select a deserving student of his/her choice amongst available scholars/applicants. Alfalah office will provide the details of such student, his/her educational expenses. Mode of payment is decided between sponsor and Alfalah by mutual understanding. A sponsor will be regularly informed about the performance of the student/students he is sponsoring so that a positive relationship is developed between a sponsor and sponsored students.

Sponsorship Plan

Sr. # Program Annual Rate (PKR) Plan (Year) Cost Per Plan (PKR)
1 Intermediate 55,000 2 110,000
2 DAE 55,000 3 165,000
3 Graduation 75,000 2 150,000
4 Master/ BS(H) 90,000 4 360,000
5 Engineering 108,000 4 432,000
6 Medical 108,000 5 540,000

Scholarship Details

Sr. # Class Amount
1 Medical/Engineering 9,000
2 Masters/ BS (Hons)/ LLB/ ACCA 7,500
3 BA/ BSc/ B.Com 6,250
4 Inter/DAE 4,583


Donor is the one who wants to support brilliant and needy students but hesitates to take full responsibility. He/She can donate whatever money he/she can spare for this noble cause and enlist his/her name with Alfalah office. ALFALAH SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME will keep him/her informed about Alfalah’s activities, annual progress and financial reports.

Ways To Donate

1. Cheque or Bank Draft

All crossed Cheques & Bank Drafts should be payable to “Alfalah Scholarship Scheme” which can be sent by mail / courier at following address.
Admin Block, Pakistan Overseas Higher Secondary School, Kharian-Dinga Road, Mandeer, Kharian, Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan.
Alfalah office will send proper receipt on crediting of amount in the Alfalah Scholarship Scheme Bank Accounts.

2. Bank Accounts

Bank: MCB, Kharian City District Gujrat Pakistan
Account Number: 0020 1010 1001 4478
Bank: Meezan Bank Limited Lahore
Account Number: 0103509922
Bank: Nordea
Title: Alfalah Scholarship Scheme
Konto nr: 60670526901
Danske Bank Account
Reg nr. 4070
Konto nr: 4070229013
England Lloyds TSB
Title: Alfalah Scholarship Scheme
Account No. 02888959
Branch: High street Slough

3. Cash Payment

Cash payment will be made personally or through representative at Alfalah Office above given address and cash receipt must be obtained at the spot.

4. Online Transfer

Online transfer may also be made in either of the above mentioned Alfalah accounts. In such case, the donors/sponsors must send payment voucher to Alfalah through E-mail so that receipt may be sent to concerned donor/sponsor timely. E-mail addresses for the said purpose are given below:

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]